Top tips for winter hair care

Feb 2023
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Well, the winter weather has certainly thrown plenty at us so far this year! Lots of rain and lots of very chilly conditions, all of which can wreak havoc with your hair.

But fear not – team RDH is here with their top tips to give you hair that bit of extra TLC and get you well on your way to glossy, healthy hair come springtime.

  • You will need to give your hair additional moisture. Dry homes with the central heating on full blast and windy conditions can strip your hair of natural oils. There’s lots of products out there but you could try Aveda Nutriplenish.
  • Don’t have your shower too hot – the heat in the water can add further damage to hair that is already weakened by winter
  • Give yourself a DIY scalp massage either with hair oil or in the shower
  • Try using a hair and scalp mask once a week. Far from being indulgent, it can really make a difference to the condition of your hair. We simply love the Aveda Invati.
  • Don’t leave the house with wet hair. We wouldn’t recommend it at any time of the year, but particularly not when the weather is colder.
  • Invest in everyday hair care. Choose good products within your budget that are suited to your hair type.
  • Use heat protection spray when you are styling. There’s lots of good ones out there but how about trying Aveda Heat Relief.
  • Choose products without any harmful chemicals or sulphates as these can damage your hair whatever the weather.
  • Enjoy using a hair serum just as you would for your skin. Aveda Botanical Repair is a great range that also has an overnight serum that is simply wonderful!

As an Aveda accredited salon we’re pleased to not only offer a full range of product in the salon, but also give you the option to purchase online –

We are also pleased to offer Klarna now, on all our services and products to help manage those costs and make life that little bit easier.

If you would like any specific hair care tips, in addition to those we offer during your appointment, please just let us know and we will be happy to help.

Love Rebecca