Top tips for a successful career in hair

Apr 2024
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I have been privileged enough to work in the industry that I love for almost 30 years! I’m even more privileged to work with like-minded people who I am helping to shape their careers in the industry too and evoke a passion and enjoyment for their craft, just as my mentors in the early days did for me.

I often get asked for my top tips for making a successful career as a hair professional – here they are!

Be interested – Hairdressing is hard work and to be a good hairdresser that is well respected in the industry takes a special kind of person. Learning the fundamental skills is just the beginning. It’s about how you apply those skills, how you interact with customers, the added interest that you show in your learning, your role, and your salon that will make you learn faster and become in demand.

Be passionate – It’s not quite the same as above. Being passionate is about having a desire to be the best that you can. It’s about going the extra mile, asking to learn something new, consolidating a skill and keeping up to date with the latest products, services, techniques, and trends in the industry.

Keep learning – There’s always something new to learn! Hunt down new information. Read about other people success stories. Plug any gaps in your skill set and keep your skills up to date. Speak to industry peers; chances are they’ll have a story or two to tell, just as you do.

Work hard – Hairdressing can be hard work. Long hours, on your feet all day, taking care of other peoples needs, lending a sympathetic ear and most importantly, making sure they leave your salon and your services feeling amazing. This feeling never gets old though, after all, happy hair customers is why we do what we do.

Challenge yourself – Practise that new cutting technique, experiment with colouring, enter those competitions! I’ve done the latter for several years and been lucky enough to work on other creative shoots. It takes you from your comfort zone, pushes your professional capabilities and probably makes you a better hairdresser for doing it!

Finally, if you love it, do it! Surely that’s the best type of job there is!

Love Rebecca