The wonders of wedding hair

Jan 2020
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Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and, after months of planning and preparation, it’s so vital that you can relax and enjoy your big day.

This is why we offer bespoke bridal and wedding packages so that we can take care of all your hair needs and those of your wedding party.

Our owner Rebecca is no stranger to weddings and the hair do’s that go with bridal hair for twenty years during her award-winning career.

“Hair on your wedding day has to capture the essence of your dress, your personality, transcend the practicalities of the day and be a style that you feel perfectly comfortable with,” said Rebecca. “It really is the crowning glory for a bride and I can guide any bride on creating a style that complements her dress and personality perfectly.”

Rebecca is happy to tend to the parents of the happy couple and bridesmaids, or other members of the wedding party too, to ensure the dreaded ‘hat hair’ is avoided!

“Most wedding styles stand the test of time pretty well so trends are not something that most brides are over-concerned with,” said Rebecca. “That said, 2020 will see the continued popularity of the headband for bridal hair, lazy, effortless but oh-so-chic buns, and a general return to more unstructured hair.”
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