The Path to Your Future in Hairdressing

Jun 2021
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With the close of the school year fast approaching, it is now time for many of you to consider those next steps in your life; the A Levels you may choose, the BTECs you will enjoy or, maybe, the careers you are wanting to chase. And, if starting a career in hairdressing is something you are considering, there are lots of ways in which you can try and secure a future in this fab sector!

Full of opportunities to create, innovate and appreciate, hairdressing is not only an artful form of work, but a fulfilling, and undeniably enjoyable, career path. Everyday offers a new opportunity to shape a look, craft an identity and make a client’s day; despite the daunting responsibility that styling may hold, it is full of chances to create pride in your work, and satisfaction in your job.

Potentially one of the most rewarding careers, hairdressing is not only enjoyable, but littered with chances to grow and improve. Maybe start your pathway with an internship or weekend job at your local salon, learning the basics of the profession in a place comfortable to you. It’ll help you learn how to deal with clients, engage in conversation, get to grips with the skills of hair washing and hair care and treatments and how to support stylists too.

From there, with some experience under your belt, the opportunities available to you will become even wider. Maybe consider attending a dedicated hairdressing collage, where you can learn the details, technique and nuances of the trade, picking up legitimate beauty qualifications on the way.

And once you have the necessary qualifications, such as an NVQ or HND, your horizons as a hairdresser will only expand further. Perhaps you will look for a job in a salon close to home, perhaps you will take a leap into TV and cinema, perhaps you will want to dedicate your time to crafting competition worthy style innovation, or maybe even catch a job with a far-reaching company finding the chance to take your skills worldwide.

Whatever, route you may want to take in life, there is a chance that hairdressing could fulfil that for you – it’s a profession that is not only versatile, but consistently appreciated and always in high demand.

So, if you think you might have what it takes to become a master of this art, why not start your hairdressing journey as soon as possible and take this as your post-16 pathway?