Rebecca at Aveda Covent Garden

Nov 2023
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I love a ‘pinch-me’ moment and just a few days ago I had one right in the middle of the Aveda Academy, Covent Garden!

It was the first of my Bridal Hair workshops ‘The Wedding Business’– where I was training other hairdressers in the art of creating amazing bridal hair with a real wow factor.

It was such an honour and a wonderful day. It’s fair to say I was a little nervous at the beginning but once I began talking about what I do best, I got into my stride and had the ‘pinch me’ moment when I realised everyone was really taking on board what I was saying and learning from it! I felt incredibly proud and humbled to be able to share my knowledge with those developing their careers.

I was delighted to meet everyone who attended, and the fantastic team at Aveda who made me so welcome.

As an Aveda salon, it was wonderful to be at the beating heart of this business, meet the driving forces behind what they do and share the passion we all have for the hairdressing industry.

Being amongst like-minded individuals is always uplifting and the feedback I’ve had from those who attended has been simply amazing!

Can’t wait to do another!

Love Rebecca