Platinum Rocks!

Jun 2022
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Wow, 70 years! That’s a long time to do anything – much admiration to our wonderful queen who has achieved all that she has done with such grace, poise and elegance. A truly shining example, and my team and I send her our warmest congratulations on such a special occasion.

But as momentum is building towards Jubilee weekend, the hairdressers in us hear the word ‘platinum’ and think of something entirely different!

Platinum is one of the biggest hair colour trends around at the moment and is a superb way to embrace those grey hairs that appear for almost all of us at one time or another. That said, it’s also a bold fashion statement that can look so very stylish on someone younger too. Gone are the days when platinum was used only to describe, white-blonde hair. Now, it’s a term that encompasses a range of hues from that striking white-blonde look, through to natural shades of grey and silver.

Our team has created some stunning platinum looks in recent weeks from long and glamourous, to short and edgy the possibilities really are endless with this most versatile of colour.

It can be really easy to maintain, depending on what you choose, and is suitable for all hair types and colourings; indeed, the warmth it brings can complement the palest of skin tones.

If you’re thinking of joining our Queen with some platinum celebrations do get in touch with us for a full colour consultation.

Love Rebecca x