My 2023 Collection – Women of Substance

Sep 2023
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You will probably have seen over the last few weeks on my social media pages the unveiling of my 2023 collection, one image and amazing woman at a time!

This year’s collection was a true pleasure to work on and encapsulated simplicity and sophistication in every style and image created.

All my models weren’t professional – they are just women going about their daily lives who answered my call for unique individuals to help me shape my 2023 collection.

To say that working with them was a pleasure would be an understatement to say the least!

Each lady had a story to tell, a reason for choosing to be part of my vision and the feedback I have had from my industry and beyond has been nothing short of amazing.

I was immensely proud to be featured in Estetica Magazine UK, USA and Spain editions.

So, my warmest thanks go to them for being such absolute legends!

Kate Camm
Essjay Hartshorn
Tanya McCalmon
Kirsty Fong
Zavinta Karsokaite
Anastasia Ursova
Lucy Swift
Hayley Clement

And also, to Paul Gill, Photographer and Victoria Roberts, Makeup artist for their amazing talent and support.

Ideas already bubbling for 2024!

Love Rebecca