Meet the team – Hayley

Dec 2022
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Time to a member of our team; Hayley Morris.

I worked with Hayley many years ago – she trained me, and now she has joined the salon not only as a stylist but as a trainer for our apprentices too.

With over 34 years working in hair there’s not much Hayley doesn’t know and yet she still has a huge appetite for learning and for our industry.

She’s worked in some amazing salons, and I’m delighted that she is now part of our team!

Hayley’s’ ‘Five in Five’

What is the best thing that has affected the industry? – Technical advancements: allowing clients to book online, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and being able to advertise online and show the work that we do.

If you could give just one piece of advice to clients, what would it be? – Invest in a good haircut and products; it’s the crown you never take off!

What book should everyone read at least once? –  ‘A Woman makes a Plan’ by Maye Musk. It’s about a single mum who’s a successful model. She’s still modelling at 71 and looks fabulous – such an inspirational lady 

What would be the name of your memoir?  – ‘Become yourself and be your best’ – we worry too much about what others think. Wear that dress , go to that place, try something new! Life is too short. 

Worst hair or beauty trend ever?! –  The rats tail! I’m sure it will be back!

You can follow Hayley’s work on Instagram – @ Hayley Morris hair or on Facebook @
Hair by Hayley Morris