Hair lacking volume? Here’s the perfect solution!

Apr 2024
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We have so many clients that face hair challenges and seek solutions to them.

One of the most common we see is hair that has begun to thin or lacks volume. This can be attributed to several factors; the age of the client, hormonal reasons, health conditions, or simply that hair is thinner than our client may wish for.

However, whatever the reason for this, we have worked really hard to find a solution to the challenges and are proud to share with you we have found one that really works!
In recent weeks, the team has been undergoing training on CombLine, a hair bond that is completely undetectable, invisible, and lightweight.

It increases volume and length, and they can be applied in areas such as the upper scalp and parting which is not typically possible with other systems.

And, once applied, they can be washed, combed, dyed and straightened as if it were your own hair.

In a simple process that takes a minimal amount of time when compared the maximum benefits it delivers, our team can advise how best to make the product work for each individual client.
Already the results have been simply amazing!

In addition, I’m proud to say that we’re the only salon in the region to offer this product and service and, in the next few months, I am to become a training ambassador for the brand.
Part of the renowned Rapture Extension Group, I’m looking forward to developing the salon partnership with them.

Why not talk to a member of my team to understand how CombLine could work for you?

Love Rebecca