Bang on trend in 2020

Jan 2020
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It’s officially 2020, those January blues are hopefully beginning to fade now, and inevitably thoughts will start to turn to spring, new fashions, new looks and of course, new hair.

If you’re fancying a makeover this year or are simply looking to recreate catwalk hair trends from the comfort of your own home, we take a look at some of the hottest trends that we think will be evident in fashion during 2020.
1 – Retro reminiscing – We expect the 60’s and 70’s to dominate many styles during the year as blunt cuts, Mary Quant bobs, deep side swept partings, backcombed crowns and the modern shag, as seen on Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, all make a resurgence. Let’s face it; it was a great decade or two for fashion and many of the cuts and styles pertaining to hair are timeless, giving way to style and sophistication with ease

2 – Combing the 80’s – One of the biggest hair accessory trends of the 80’s was the hair comb and if you are above the age of thirty-five it’s probable that you either remember it, or indeed owned a whole collection to accessorise every outfit! Recently seen at the Tory Burch show they were coupled with brushed out, naturally styled hair – the hair comb was a fashion staple and was so easy to use. Simply push into hair, flip and push forward to create the little bit of volume that was part of getting the look ‘just right’!

3 – Bouncy pony tails – The pony tail never dates and whether you’re one for a low slung casual look, or a face changing high and tight one, it still remains one of the most versatile hair looks ever. For 2020 we’re looking forward to the return of the high, bouncy pony tail which will really rock those 50’s vibes. Think sleek and high with the pony tail ends softly curled and you’ll be nailing the look in no time.

4 – Face framing fringes – Eyebrow hovering fringes are back and can really frame a look whether it’s long and flowing locks or a short, sassy blunt cut bob. Be sure to keep on top of its growth to ensure it stays at just the right length, too short and you’ll look startled; too long and it just becomes another fringe.

5 – Short and Sharp – The pixie cut is set to make a bit of a resurgence as people look to more time saving styles that look amazing! Celebs such as Halle Berry and Judi Dench have all rocked this look and whilst it does take some caring for to ensure it stays ‘en-pointe’ it’s a great low maintenance look. Key to its success is an awesome cut and regular trims so that it retains its edgy glamour.

If you fancy a change or just need a little help perfecting a look just speak to your stylist at your next visit – we’re only too happy to help!